GTX 1070 EXOC got High End Award & Value Award from Madshrimps
The GeForce GTX 1070 EX OC board from KFA2 impressed us positively regarding the overall build quality, factory overclocking levels, while the dual 100mm fans keep the board cool while keeping minimum noise levels. The manufacturer has also thought of enthusiasts who like to keep their systems hardware visible during operation via case windows, so the fans along with the GeForce GTX logo are LED lighted; the logo can be further customized via the supplied Xtreme Tuner Plus utility. view more»
GTX 1080 EXOC got 5/5 Score from Overclocking Made in France
GTX 1080 EXOC got 5/5 Score from Overclocking Made in France view more»
Geforce GTX 1070 kaufen: Lieferbares Angebot erstmals unter 400 Euro
Die Geforce GTX 1070 gibt es erstmals als Custom-Variante von KFA2 für unter 400 Euro zu kaufen. Das Online-Angebot ist derzeit sogar lieferbar. view more»
KFA2 Geforce GTX 1070 erstmals für 399 Euro lieferbar
Das günstigste Custom-Design einer Geforce GTX 1070 ist schon vor Wochen knapp unter die 400-Euro-Marke gefallen, aber erst jetzt tatsächlich für 399 Euro lieferbar. Es handelt sich um die KFA2 GTX 1070 EX, die mit zwei 100 mm großen Axiallüftern daherkommt. Ebenfalls günstiger geworden sind einige GTX-1080-Karten. view more»
The world record breaker, 8Pack, highly recommend our 1080 HOF
In short I would highly recommend the KFA2 1080 HOF. It looks amazing, is built to the highest standard with solid PCB design and power delivery. The cooler is quiet and very effective. Finally and most importantly the performance out of the box was the best of any 1080 I have seen and the overclocked performance of a random sample also very good too with zero tweaking needed to ensure no power limiting or clock fluctuations under load. view more»
KFA2 GTX 1080 HOF got Gold Award & Heart Choice Design Award from OMF in France
Après avoir testé la GTX 1080 ExOC, le modèle entré de gamme de KFA², nous testerons ici la GTX 1080 HOF, le modèle haut de gamme de la même marque. Le modèle ExOC avait obtenu la note maximale. La HOF réussira-t-elle cet exploit à nouveau ? view more»

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