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  1. KFA2 PC Case (REV-01)

    Product Code: CK01AGBA4A0 EAN: 4895147144023 High Res Image: Download ... Details
  2. KFA2 PC Case (REV-01W)

    Rocking its all new arctic white finish, REV-01W is a mid tower PC case that supports ATX, M-ATX and ITX motherboards. Besides having a front panel mesh design for better heat dissipation, it also supports watercooling systems and up to 6 cooling fans installation. For the ease of customization, REV-01W also comes with a tempered glass panel and an... Details
  3. KFA2 PC Case (REV-02)

    EATX, ATX,Micro, Mini ITX
    REV-02 lands with an all new arctic white aesthetic. It is compatible with EATX, ATX,Micro and Mini ITX motherboards, as well as allowing the installation of up to 5 cooling fans. As it also features a tempered glass cover which only requires a single screw piece to hold it in place, the ease of installation and tinkering is totally unbeatable. If ... Details
  4. KFA2 PC Case (REV-03)

    Compatible with M-ATX and ITX motherboards, REV-03 is also a 2 in 1 compact build PC case which supports water cooling installation. It's small but mighty, enhancing your gaming experience! Product Code: TBC EAN: TBC High Res Image: Download ... Details